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Years of delivering the Genius Within the ride


Over a million cumulative engineering and project hours


Average percentage up-time performance


Awarded projects worldwide

Precision Processes

Our team works with your team throughout the entire design, build, test and installation process. Our unrivaled business model mitigates scope, schedule, and budget risks.

Fiercely Focused

We are fiercely focused on delivering to the top theme parks in the world. We have over 160 combined years of Amusement Industry experience, having completed over 80 attractions worldwide.

Passion to Learn and Innovate

Setpoint develops groundbreaking technology to develop world-first attractions. We are behind the scenes for many attractions, but we are always innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Delivering the Genius Within

For us, Genius Within is the collection of hundreds of thousands of hours we have invested in designing, testing and learning, combined with our world-class partners and client’s ideals and imaginations.  It is the discipline of the process.  It is the willingness and passion to learn and adapt. We also believe the true measure of genius is how the experience resonates through the years for our partners, customers and their visitors.

Trusted by the World’s Top Amusement Brands

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