About Setpoint


At Setpoint, we have a 25-year history of successfully designing and implementing custom rides and attractions for the top amusement and theme parks in the world. Our team of highly skilled, highly trained engineers and designers work in symphony with our customers and partners to deliver world-first amusement experiences.


After 25 years, we are able to collectively apply hundreds of thousands of experienced hours to each unique project. Our expertise delivering reliable, safe and operationally dependable amusement experiences, is what we call the Genius Within. It means working closely with our customers and partners to collectively create genius through creativity, intelligence, perseverance, hard work and meeting promises. Our contribution is 160 combined years of engineering and manufacturing experience, having created over 80 attractions worldwide, and many attractions being world-first and one-of-a-kind.


The result of Genius Within is an emotional response, a life-changing experience a rider discovers as they see, feel and participate in an amusement attraction that creates an event they will treasure for a lifetime. Click HERE download our brochure.

Joe Van Den Berghe

Joe Van Den Berge, Co-founder of Setpoint discusses the type of company he and Joe Cornwell set out to create in 1991.


Both wanted an open, transparent, and accountable organization where employees were informed partners in projects and always understood the profitability of the business. 25 years later Setpoint Inc. and Setpoint Systems are both living legacies of these values and principles.

Joe Cornwell

Joe Cornwell, Co-founder of Setpoint discusses some of the projects he and Joe Van Den Berghe have delivered since they began working together in 1991.


While these are just some of the rides they worked on over the years, many of the newest are ones that can’t discuss, but you know them, or you will know them (coming attractions) as some of the top custom attractions and rides in the top theme parks of the world.