What could be better than a roller coaster? How about TWO roller coasters where passengers ride and race side-by-side. TWO racing coasters that deliver the rider and market new and exciting features, and an over-the-top experience unlike anything they have ridden before. Setpoint’s new Over-the-Top Dueling Coaster offers a Vertical Track design that delivers unrivaled family thrill with maneuvers not possible with standard track design. This first-to-market experience, and an exciting Dueling Option provides theme parks and attractions with new marketing opportunities.



Over-the-Top delivers:

• Limited profile coaster track
• Dueling racing-experience
• Exchanged lane boosting …right lane then left
• Rope twist – over and under ride experience
• Opposing Cobra turns
• Near collision sensations
• Weave in and out
• Alternating bunny hops (camel-humps)
• Opposing wall rides back
• Mirrored and non-mirrored elements
• Family Thrill version = no inversions
• High Thrill version = loop and/or barrel roll
• Dueling option allows for mixed demographics that can be separated by rider height.

In addition to the latest in adrenaline and fun, the economics of adding this coaster to your park is a quick stand-out feature. Unlike previous dueling coasters, which in essence are two separate coasters running side-by-side, the Over-the-Top coaster utilizes common structure to support both tracks, saving money and installation time in both structure and the in-ground columns. The Vertical track allows for dueling vehicles to run closer together than any other dueling coaster. Additionally the Over-the-Top coaster also maintains ASTM and International Standards for Safety.