Ride Vehicle “Roll On-Off” Movers

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Turning Ride Vehicles Into Motion Bases

Setpoint’s Ride Vehicle “Roll On-Off” Movers turn any ride vehicle into a 3-DOF motion base. Capable of supporting up to 35,000-lbs, our RV Mover’s add new and exciting element to “E-ticket” attractions. Turn the park trolley into educational or transitional piece. Surprise coaster riders with shifts and bumps. Do what you want, because it’s that enabling!

The Future of The Amusement Industry

Motion base technology continues to be the future of the amusement industry and our Ride Vehicles Movers are no different. By leveraging the stationary positioning, parks are able to use our product to completely immerse guests into the show experience. Ride Vehicle Movers deepen this immersion by transporting the riders through various scenes, such as gardens or dark rides only to be suddenly bumped, rolled, and dropped into unexpected experience.

Reliable and Operationally Superior

In addition to supporting over 17-tons of weight, Setpoint’s Ride Vehicle Movers are developed and manufactured for the maximum operational availability. When we say they are heavy duty…we mean it! Setpoint Ride Vehicle Movers also provide the following benefits to amusement and theme parks worldwide:

  • Safe and reliable design
  • High duty cycle and operation availability
  • Smaller facility footprint and power consumption