“The philosophy of both companies to deliver reliable, safe, and honest engineering services fits perfectly”

On November 1st, 2016 US based company Setpoint Inc. and Simtec Systems GmbH based in Germany signed a strategic partnership agreement.

Setpoint Inc., with its focus on roller coasters, show action equipment as well as custom engineering of amusement ride systems, will act as Simtec´s project partner for North America.
In return Simtec Systems, focusing on customized simulator systems, flying theaters and dark rides, will act as Setpoint´s sales agent for Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

“The philosophy of both companies to deliver reliable, safe, and honest engineering services fits perfectly”, says Joe Cornwell, one of the two founders of Setpoint Inc., better known as the “The Joes”.

“This will be a win-win situation for both companies and all of our clients”, Joe VanDenBerghe added.

“We see a lot of potential for our simulator systems, especially for our flying theatre product, in the American market. It is easier to access this with a strong partner like Setpoint. On the other side it is a huge advantage for Setpoint working with Simtec and its market position and subsidiary Simtec Asia for the European and Asian market” stated Bernd Kaufmann, CEO of Simtec Systems.

It is planned that Setpoint Inc. will not only act as Simtec´s sales partner, but also will take over parts of the manufacturing and after sales services for potential new projects in North America.



In 1991, two former Arrow Dynamics engineers decided to create their own company. The thesis was simple: develop a culture that delivers reliable, safe, and honest engineering services. By starting with a culture rather than a product, the engineers, later known as “The Joes”, believed that success would follow. One year later it did and after countless hours of research and trial and error, “The Joes” founded Setpoint Inc:

A fully tailored engineering service and product provider for the amusement and automation industries.

Much has changed since that historical decision, but “The Joes” and team members at Setpoint continue to draw upon our foundational values of culture before product. Commitment to excellence, a quickened and on-time engineering process backed by integrity, and a willingness to check ALL “egos at the door” has served as the backbone to our success. It’s a fact that our engineering and business philosophy has established a reliable formula for over three generations of competitors.



Simtec Systems is a manufacturer of customized simulator systems for entertainment attractions as well as driving and flight simulation applications with over 25 years of experience. Further products are used for testing of automotive and other vehicle components such as fuel tanks or seats.

One-Stop Competence

“This will be a win-win situation for both companies and all of our clients”

We seize your ideas and suggestions. In a close co-operation we create individual simulation attractions. Based on our manifold experience we offer customized walkthroughs for most different basic conditions.

Our combined competence is not limited to delivering premium motion platforms but also includes all other elements of a high-class simulation, such as storyboard, movie, decoration, latest multimedia technology, pre- and post-show concepts and civil engineering. You trade on clear responsibilities and cost control, all from one source.