Show Action Equipment

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Turning Rides Into World-Class Experiences

Show Action Equipment turns a roller coaster into a movie scene, a simulation into a real-world experience, a dark ride into an unexpected journey. It serves as the backbone for immersing riders of all ages into the magical and other-worldly experiences theme parks provide. Show Action Equipment converts rides into world-class, award-winning, sought-after attractions!

Anything Goes

At Setpoint we don’t offer just one product to be shoe-horned into Show Action Equipment needs. We take your concepts, invite your team into the engineering veil, and provide the equipment that meets your creative intent. The end result is never before seen show elements that keep riders returning for more. Some of our collaborative developments include:

  • Static and Animated Figures (Animatronics)
  • Immersive Dome Carousels
  • Heavy-Duty Lift Systems

Safe and Reliable

We understand the important role Show Action Equipment serves to “E-ticket” attractions. We also know that equipment failure threatens the full-ride experience. That is why Setpoint blends veteran experience with young talent to provide premiere, reliable, and safe show pieces that don’t skip a beat. No matter the application, Setpoint possesses the design and engineering horsepower for the next generation of your park’s Show Action Equipment!